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"After graduation I sought a career opportunity in a renowned consulting firm to cultivate specialized skills and broaden my career horizon. I found BDA is the right place for young people with an ambition to pursue a consulting career.

In terms of career path, BDA makes every effort to hasten my progress. BDA allows its professionals to take great strides very quickly. Excellent work performance is always well motivated and rewarded.

BDA provides consulting professionals with well-designed training curriculum in the form of in-house and outing programs. The training program focuses intensively on the sophisticated skill set required for BDA's consulting work.

Strong support from colleagues is part of my BDA experience. Every new consulting staff member has a mentor to identify and develop the skills and attributes required in BDA. Mentors meet new hires periodically to review their progress along the career path. Also mentors can help new hires identify opportunities to advance their knowledge and skills.

BDA is dedicated to finding and retaining talent people, so it has gathered many highly motivated and skilled people from different backgrounds. I enjoy the opportunity to work in a community of friendly, smart, and motivated people. Most of all, I enjoy the opportunity to apply all I have learned and learn more from new consulting projects.”

"Consulting is all about professionalism. Once in BDA, you are not a student anymore, and you'll learn to act, think and perform professionally through working closely with team members and extensive external client contact.

You will learn to be detail-oriented. A careless mistake in a well-written 100-page report would ruin your image in the clients' eyes. Be cautious with every sentence you write, every piece of data you include.

Consulting is not just glorious talk, but hard work. You have constantly to strive to exceed your client's expectation and meet deadlines, but also to work efficiently.

Organize your thinking. A strategist must think of problems and issues in a structured way. Communicating with teams and clients also requires your logic and ability to express yourself effectively. You will develop both hard and soft skills in your job, from PowerPoint to Excel, data modeling, interviewing and communication skills.

Most of all participating in real-world business transactions, you will experience how the business world works and form your own business sense.”

"BDA has helped me become a business-oriented professional equipped with strong consulting methodology, professional business etiquette, effective working methods and good habits. BDA has a strong, experienced, and extremely professional executive team who act as models to junior people. We have learnt a lot from them.

BDA holds regular internal training sessions for new employees and periodically holds various professional skills training as well. There are many dedicated time slots during weekdays for internal training and project sharing.

BDA's clients include world-leading financial institutions and corporations. We have learned and improve our professional skills from the intense interaction we have with our clients.

BDA has helped me build my personal confidence and inspired me to do my best when facing challenges. No two projects are the same. There are always new challenges for me. After conquering numerous hard projects which at first looked like “Mission Impossible” I have learned that I can take on all types of projects and serve our clients well no matter what the topic. BDA is a good place to learn from and share knowledge with other people. I have learnt a lot from other colleagues. People in BDA come from various academic backgrounds, former occupations and nationalities. People are very nice and kind to each other. BDA has a family culture that encourages people to share his or her knowledge or experiences with other people.

BDA is a happy working environment. It is fun that there are always fresh things to learn. As we stand on the frontier of industry research, we are usually the first to understand and predict the newest changes in the market.”

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