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Why work at BDA?

BDA offers leading graduates of China's most prestigious universities an exciting career in investment consulting. Working at BDA involves direct client exposure to some of the world's premier financial institutions and corporations.

Training is an integral part of working at BDA, rendered both on-the-job and by a range of third-party providers in areas such as financial analysis, communication skills, problem-solving tools and professional development.

BDA offers young professionals a fast-track career path involving a high degree of responsibility based on merit, matched by attractive compensation.

Who is BDA?

BDA (BDA China Limited, www.bda.com) is a Beijing-based, international advisory firm of over 40 professionals founded in 1994. BDA advises leading financial institutions and multi-national corporations seeking to benefit from the current high rates of growth in China and neighboring Asian markets.

Who are BDA's clients?

BDA serves two types of clients:

Financial institutions. For hedge funds & private equity firms, BDA provides custom due diligence services to facilitate investments.

Multi-national corporations. For global companies in high-growth sectors, BDA provides strategic advisory services to drive market entry or expansion.

What experience can BDA offer me?

BDA offers you a varied and intense career, allowing you to gain invaluable experience in investment advisory and strategy consulting. You will develop and perfect your analytical and communication skills through exposure to a wide range of fast growing industries and demanding, world-class clients.

This experience will allow you to hone your analytical skills through a constant focus on accuracy, efficiency and thoroughness – all essential for your long-term career advancement.

Teamwork is at the core of BDA. At BDA you will be assigned to work in a small team of dedicated professionals on one customized, in-depth project at a time. The duration of our assignments typically ranges from 3 to 8 weeks. While each project is unique, you can count on the support of fellow analysts and managers to help find ways to overcome the challenges you may encounter.

Working alongside your teammates, you will meet or interview companies of interest to our clients, including screening potential investment targets by assessing their relationship with suppliers, customers, and competitors. You will also seek counsel from relevant industry regulators and third party experts.

Which industry sectors will I work on?

Typical industry sectors you can expect to work in include: media / Internet / e-commerce; telecom & technology; retail; education & training; environment; infrastructure; healthcare; and other high growth sectors.

While the industry sector varies with each project, the objective is always the same: add transparency to the investment process through diligent research and insightful analysis.

Will I have opportunities for travel?

You may expect some business travel as part of this work, mostly within China but occasionally to neighboring countries. The length of travel is typically confined to a few days at a time.

What is BDA's company culture?

BDA offers you a fast track for your career advancement. We encourage and reward individual excellence but emphasize first and foremost team-work so you can learn how to motivate and manage others.

We offer you a world class office environment and complementary access to athletic facilities. We encourage opportunities for you to meet your colleagues in relaxed environments outside of the office, including regular offsite training and team-building events and trips.

How to apply to BDA?

Please send your resumes in both English and Chinese to careers@bda.com